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Built for the Earth. Made for Everyone.

Fits ANY size foot, ANY style flip-flop

100% Silicone / 100% Hemp

100% Recyclable

Size Settings

Please check Size Settings below for proper installation.


Large sizing - the strap goes inside of the arms of the flip-flop and wraps back around toward the heel. This image shows the right end attaching to the right side of the heel and the left end attaching to the left side of the heel.


Medium sizing - the strap goes inside of the arms of the flip-flop and wraps back around toward the heel. This image shows the fasteners are moved over 2 holes. The right end wraps around the heel to attach on the left side and the left end attaches to the left side of the heel.


Small sizing - the strap goes inside of the arms of the flip-flop and wraps back around toward the heel. This image shows the right end wrapping around the heel to attach on the left side and the left end wrapping around the heel to attach on the right side.

  • Lisa K.

    I have a tough time with sandals rubbing my feet. Love my comfy flip flops but frankly most times won't wear them because they fall off or I walk out of them. Decided to just try these and WOW! Wearing my favorite flip flops all the time now. The material is soft and allows just enough movement you totally forget they are on. Plenty of adjustability for comfort. I thought the extra strap would bother me but it doesn't, the logo overlap piece hides it. Easy to put on and take off. I haven't figured out why I would ever take them off.I have to say something about the get 2 sets of Flip Flaps each in a separate designer box. I'm not kidding when I say designer box, someone put alot of thought into how this box looks. Each set also has its own draw string logo carry bag. I actually went out and bought another pair of flip flops.

  • CaliFoxx

    Flip Flap Backstraps are amazing - how did I not know these existed? These super soft silicon straps came in a box packed in a cute little bag. I was able to quickly attach them to two types of sandals to test them out. Once attached they stretch so you can still slip your shoe off and on easily. I am a woman’s size 7 and they adjusted to my size nicely…You can’t really feel them once you have them on, but when you move around a little and your sandal will feel secure in the back when you take a step. They say they can be worn as a bracelet or anklet but I don’t know if I would do that - but who knows...These are a game changer for me since I do a lot of water related sports and prefer to wear my big name flip flops but always worry about loosing them because they come off so easily. Now they will be strapped securely on my feet. Super happy with and recommend this product!

  • Love 2 Shop

    These are awesome! I had a stroke. And because of it haven’t been able to keep a flip flop on my left foot usually sending it flying in front of me. Not fun when on gravel or hot asphalt. But these allow me to wear flip flops again. Happy guy here. Time to get a pedicure lol

    Amazon Customer

    These straps totally makes sense. They turn any strapless shoe into a shoe easy to walk in. Super easy to use and they are adjustable as well as removable. I can also carry them in my purse when needed and they don't take up any room. The straps are strong and durable and also has a little stretch to them. Such a brilliant idea. These are great at amusement parks when you wear flip flops but want to get on a roller coaster but scared the shoes will fall off. These straps solve that problem.

  • SB2.0

    The simplicity, comfort, and quality of these straps are absolutely extraordinary! I procrastinated a few days before attaching them to my favorite flip-flops, and once I did I experienced instant comfort and security. I could literally run a 5k in my flip-flops now if I wanted to, and that's the type of secure attachment I was looking for. The bonus is the softness and comfort of the strap material. You really have to experience it.


    It doesn’t really matter how you use them because these are really great to have! They’re solidly made, adjustable to a variety of different lengths and don’t chafe or rub the back of my heels. I’m really impressed by these and they've saved me from pitching a few pair of shoes.

  • ee10pie

    I was looking at other brands and came across this one. Surprisingly soft and comfy, 10 out of 10 will recommend others to get it! I put this on my addidas thong flip flop($15), and turned it into a barefoot sandals ($100+) lol. wont regret i promise.


    When I stopped laughing and thought about my sandals that have been tripping me because they fall off my feet so I put these on and lo and behold that works great they keep my sandals on my feet.


    Easy to fasten to your flip flop and secure the flip flop to your foot. I like mine very much.

    They work as advertised: you could jog in your ffs after putting these on.

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