Built for the Earth. Made for everyone. Designed for licensing.

Only silicone or hemp. No plastics ever! Our focus is on providing a premium experience that benefits both the Earth and the end user.

Flip Flap is a patented silicone backstrap to keep your flip-flops on. She fits any size foot, any style flip-flop, can be worn as a backstrap, bracelet, anklet, choker, or belt and advertises any logo, message, or design on her reversible/removable ad plaque. Flip Flap is perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, biking, or any outdoor activity.

Flip Flap is also the perfect advertising platform.

Nothing on Earth does what Flip Flap does.

Roller Coaster Enlightenment

As I stood in the front of the line to ride the new roller coaster at Carowinds, I noticed all of the flip-flops and slides kicked off to the side. I made a mental note.

Upon exiting the ride, I walked toward my friend who had been waiting for me. She said that a flip-flop came flying through the air, from my ride, and almost hit her in the head. Immediately I recognized a need either for more accurate flip-flops or a simple method of securing them.

I had always desired backstraps for my own flip-flops and knew that millions of others probably did as well. What began as a simple desire has turned into a full-blown footwear company that is Earth-forward and focused on sustainablility.

Nothing on Earth does what Flip Flap does and no company on Earth is more eco-friendly than The Original Flip Flap Company.